Andrew Suggs

CEO & Founder, Live Chair

Live Chair is a leading healthcare services company that helps close the gap in life expectancy and health equity in underserved urban communities. Born in the chair of a barbershop in 2017, Live Chair’s early days were spent convincing African American men to track their vitals while getting a haircut. In that sacred circle of trust between barber, client, and Live Chair, Live Chair has helped thousands of underserved populations overcome a deep-seated resistance to sharing personal information for their well-being. The company has always approached the difficult issues it solves in collaboration with the community. Today Live Chair continues its work in underserved communities, connecting them with the best healthcare services and resources available to promote a healthy and longer life. A successful sales leader for a major sports franchise and a Fortune 100 company, an MBA graduate, an activist, a husband, a father, and a son, Mr. Suggs is the embodiment of a seemingly ordinary man with extraordinary drive who is becoming a modern-day hero in his community.