Business Case for Employers Background

Putting People First: Prioritizing Hypertension Care Across Sectors

Hypertension (high blood pressure) affects nearly 50% of working-age adults in the United States. Hypertension is a hidden business risk to employers—undiagnosed and uncontrolled hypertension leads to lost productivity, poor health and well-being, and higher healthcare costs. Hypertension is treatable, and employers are an important catalyst for change to promote equitable well-being for their employees and communities.

The HTN Roundtable invites you to use the following tools to support building the business case for employer engagement in hypertension prevention and control:

  • Developing the Business Case for Hypertension Control – Budget Impact Model & Claims Analysis Guide Webinar Watch webinar
  • Developing the Business Case for Slide Presentation: Download Slides
  • Hypertension Control Budget Impact Model and Claims Analysis Guide Budget Impact Model uses easily accessible data to estimate Hypertension-related costs. Fill out form for access
  • Budget Impact Model User Guide Download PDF
  • Comprehensive Benefit Design Guide for Hypertension – Recommendations for health & well-being programming, and employee benefits design, as well as annotated resources for employers who would like to develop and implement a hypertension strategy. Download the Guide 
  • Hypertension Claims Analysis Guide Download PDF
  • Infographic: Putting People First: The Benefits of Prioritizing Hypertension Care Download Infographic
  • Infographic: Minimizing Business Risk: The Financial Benefits of Hypertension Control and Management Download Infographic