Jaime Murillo

Jaime Murillo, MD

NHCR Co-Chair Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer UnitedHealth Group Strategy & Innovation

Dr. Murillo is a Senior VP and Chief Medical Officer at UnitedHealth Group Enterprise Strategy and Innovation. He is focused on the intersectionality of community engagement, chronic disease, technology, and health equity. He recently built a disruptive care delivery solution to improve health in the community using AI-powered technology, social-behavioral determinants of health, and communitybased partnerships. His work also includes advanced analytics to identify gaps in care as well as AI/ML-based phenotyping and multi-omics to advance precision medicine. Prior to his current role at UHG Strategy and Innovation, he was an SVP and Chief CardioMetabolic Health Officer at Optum Labs, the R&D arm of UnitedHealth Group. He started his journey at UHG as UnitedHealthcare’s national lead for cardiovascular and ED services. This work was focused on simple innovation, valuebased transformation, and affordability. He is a cardiologist from Yale University with a background in computer sciences as well as basic science and clinical research at Harvard Medical School and outcomes research at Yale University. He is a former IBM Watson Health collaborator on the clinical implementation of machine learning in the cardiovascular field. He practiced cardiology with a subspecialty in imaging for 20 years at Sentara Health. Within Sentara, he played several executive roles with a focus on leadership development and consumer strategies.