American Medical Association (AMA)

Founded in 1847, the American Medical Association (AMA) is the largest and only national association that convenes 190+ state and specialty medical societies and other critical stakeholders. Throughout history, the AMA has always followed its mission: to promote the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health. As the physicians’ powerful ally in patient care, the AMA delivers on this mission by representing physicians with a unified voice in courts and legislative bodies across the nation, removing obstacles that interfere with patient care, leading the charge to prevent chronic disease and confront public health crises, and driving the future of medicine to tackle the biggest challenges in health care and training the leaders of tomorrow.

AMA Resources


SMBP Training: An AMA youtube video brought to you by the Release the Pressure Coalition partners, this aims to ensure all communities have the power and resources to achieve optimal heart health and wellness.


  • In-Office BP Measurement Graphic (English): 7 Simple tips to get an accurate blood pressure reading.
  • In-Office BP Measurement Graphic (Spanish): 7 Simple tips to get an accurate blood pressure reading in Spanish.
  • 7-Step SMBP Quick Guide: An evidence-based resource to help physicians and care teams start using SMBP, including links to practical implementation tools
  • US Blood Pressure Validated Device Listing (VDL): Uncontrolled high blood pressure (“BP”) is the leading risk factor for death and disability. The accurate measurement of BP is essential for the diagnosis and management of hypertension. One important aspect of accurate measurement is whether the BP measurement device has been validated for clinical accuracy. This page provides information on BP measurement devices and their clinical accuracy.