• Save the Date: National Hypertension Control Roundtable Annual Summit

    November 12, 2024  |  12:00 PM – 3:00 PM ET

    Details and registration will be live soon!

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy for Managing Adult Hypertension

    Fireside Chat | July 31 | 1:00-2:00 PM ET

    Dietary intake is an important risk factor for hypertension. Clients with hypertension can work with dietitians to create evidence-based, client-centered dietary interventions. Join experts in medical nutrition therapy to learn about the current research on the efficacy of dietitians for improving hypertension in adults, plus on the translation of evidence into individualized interventions to improve client outcomes.


  • How Employers Can Prioritize Hypertension Control & Management

    Fireside Chat | July 10

    One in three working-age adults in the US have hypertension, and direct costs for workers with hypertension are nearly 50% higher than for workers without hypertension. Yet, many employers have not implemented strategies that address high blood pressure control and management. Join experts to learn why employers should implement a HTN initiative, what tools are available to assess the impact of hypertension on health and cost outcomes for their workforce, and what they are currently doing to recognize and address hypertension at work.

  • HTN Roundtable Annual Summit 2024

    Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies, Healthy Nation Summit: Evidence-based Strategies to Prevent & Control Hypertension During Pregnancy

    May 23, 2024

    On May 23rd, NHCR proudly hosted Roundtable members and maternal hypertension experts in Washington, DC, for its 2024 Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies, Healthy Nation Summit: Evidence-based Strategies to Prevent & Control Hypertension During Pregnancy. This important convening of more than 35 organizations focused on collaboratively and actionably improving patient outcomes across sectors including providers, payers, and researchers. The day they featured compelling presentations, rich discussion, and, crucially, applied strategy on social determinants of health, validated devices, data and technology, care team solutions, the latest Roundtable Initiatives (Payer Taskforce and Team-Based Care Taskforce), and more. The innovations, successes, and shared challenges reviewed at the Summit invigorated the Roundtable’s ongoing commitment to hypertension literacy and equity for patients at every stage of life: Through these critical learnings, the Roundtable looks ahead to future partnership and progress toward increased hypertension control.

  • Hypertension, Lifestyle Medicine, & Health Equity

    Fireside Chat | April 2024

  • Hypertension Control: Healthier Moms, Healthier Babies, Healthier Nation

    Fireside Chat | February 2024

  • American Heart Month

    February is American Heart Month, a time when everyone is encouraged to prioritize their heart health. This applies to everyone and especially to women! Join the HTN Roundtable Steering Committee for the upcoming National Wear Red Day® and American Heart Month! To learn more about tools to utilize during American Heart Month, please visit CDC’s American Heart Month 2024 Toolkits.

    To kick off American Heart Month, make sure you mark your calendars for Friday February 2nd, as National Wear Red Day®!

    Pictured: The HTN Roundtable Steering Committee is ready for #National Wear Red Day!

  • Revealing Regional Trends and Actionable Insights on Hypertension by Leveraging Electronic Health Records of a Large Health System

    Fireside Chat | November 2023

  • Faith-Based Initiatives for Improving Hypertension Control

    Fireside Chat | May 2023

  • Hypertension and Brain Health

    Fireside Chat | March 2023

  • The Value of Team-Based Care to Improve Hypertension

    Fireside Chat | February 2023

  • National Women’s Blood Pressure Awareness Week

    October 15-21, 2023

    National Women’s Blood Pressure Awareness Week (NWBPAW) is a weeklong observance led by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office on Women’s Health (OWH). The week emphasizes the importance of blood pressure control and heart health on multiple socioecological levels. This week not only empowers women to take control their health through realistic and attainable behavior changes, but also highlights community, state, and national initiatives which support women’s heart health.

  • NHCR Annual Summit 2023

    Racing to the Top to Bring Down Blood Pressure

    September 7, 2023 | 12pm-3pm ET

    The NHCR meets annually with its membership to assess the current state of hypertension control nationally, reconfirm its collective goals, and strategize for the future. Centering on the theme, Racing to the Top to Bring Down Blood Pressure, this year’s Annual Summit took place virtually on September 7, 2023.

    Thank you to all our speakers, panelists, and attendees who attended our 2023 Annual Summit.

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  • NHCR Annual Summit 2022: Act for Equity

    Act for Equity

    September 15 – 16, 2022

    I will advance health equity through partnerships and collective action.


  • NHCR Annual Summit 2021

    The National Hypertension Control Roundtable (NHCR) launched efforts to eliminate disparities in hypertension awareness, prevalence, and control as a part of its Annual Summit on Sept. 20-21, 2021. The Summit focused on elevating strategies for advancing health equity in hypertension control by hearing from thought leaders, sharing resources and the latest data as well as highlighting successes and lessons learned. Summit participants represent more than 50 organizations that collaborated to advance proven and innovative strategies to eliminate disparities in control rates.

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  • Hypertension Control Meeting, 2019

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention initially convened partners in September 2019 to design solutions and scale best practices and policies to increase hypertension control. After the meeting, the National Hypertension Control Roundtable was formed in 2020 to initiate a national dialogue to address the challenges surrounding hypertension control.

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